Saturday, May 12, 2007

Rihanna in actual-decent-remix shocker

As we brace ourselves for the supposed brilliance that is Rihanna's next single Shut Up And Drive, it has reached our attention that Rihanna Inc have spun out a pretty darn hot looking lineup of remixes for the current single, Umbrella. And wait for it.. NO RAP!! (in the Haji Emanuel at least). The girl is clearly undergoing some much needed diskodollification and, for this week, we approve. Promo tracklisting:

1. Umbrella (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Radio Edit) 3:59
2. Umbrella (Jody den Broeder Lush Radio Edit) 4:41
3. Umbrella (Jody den Broeder Destruction Radio Edit) 4:25
4. Umbrella (The Lindbergh Palace Radio Edit) 3:52
5. Umbrella (Seamus Haji & Paul Emanuel Club Remix) 6:34
6. Umbrella (Jody den Broeder Lush Club Remix) 9:11
7. Umbrella (Jody den Broeder Destruction Club Remix) 7:56
8. Umbrella (The Lindbergh Palace Remix) 7:52
9. Umbrella (The Lindbergh Palace Dub) 6:46

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