Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Berge Emerges

That Norway would rather vote in some Manchester United fan singing Eye Of The Tiger as their Idol is beyond all free-thinking individuals in the more developed Idol-franchise nations of the world. But, as you'll find we will do quite often here at Disko Dollies, we have embraced the one that got trodden all over by the sweaty general public. Pretty Scary Silver Fairy is apparently Ms Berger's 2nd effort at an album, and, on the whole, we like it. Samantha is just where we wanted Rachel Stevens to be round about now, and Will You Remember Me is exactly where Stock Aitken Waterman would be if they didn't have that big fight over the coke. Visit Margaret's myspace to hear 3 tracks from the album.

Watch the pretty flairy video for Samantha.

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