Sunday, September 30, 2007

Girls Aloud Tangled Up

Girls Aloud have announced on their official site that the name of their forthcoming album will be Tangled Up. It will be released November 19.

Dannii Minogue vs Jason Nevins

It has been revealed that the new Dannii single is called Touch Me Like That and is credited as Dannii Minogue vs Jason Nevins. Who could forget his remix of Put The Needle On It - hopefully this is going to be amazing! The track features a sample of You Make Me Feel (Mighty Real) and will be coming out in December. With Kylie fans not too enthralled with 2 Hearts could it be time for Dannii to steal Kylie's thunder?

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Pet Shop Boys Integral

Watch the new Pet Shop Boys video for Integral here. As the boys explain on their website "The QR Code links in the video are a catalogue of online content about issues of civil liberties, as well as links that will give you the opportunity to get involved in campaigning against the erosion of our personal freedom. QR Codes are barcodes that contain digital information such as URLS that can be read by camera phones." Well we aren't going to try and work out the wierd phone thing, but the video is cool. Integral is a download only single to promote Disco 4.

Look Who's # 1 On US iTunes Chart...

Our Friend Saw Prince In An Alley Last Night

Security tried to steal her camera but she is one tough bitch.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Kylie's White Diamond On the Big Screen

Kylie fans in Australia now have the chance to see her new tour documentary White Diamond on the big screen for one night only! It will be shown in High Definition and Dolby 5:1 digital surround sound on Friday the 19th of October at the following Village cinemas:

Jam Factory

Book your tickets here.

Watch the trailer here.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Sophie Ellis Bextor's Greatest Hits - WTF?

Sophie has revealed on her website that she is releasing a Greatest Hits album THIS DECEMBER. What the hell is going on with the music industry? Her third (brilliant) album hasn't even been out that long? She said she is working with Calvin Harris next week to try and write a new single for the project to come out in November. She better include a DVD with all the videos like Natalie and Dannii otherwise it's no sale from us (who are we kidding, we will buy it the day of release regardless). Head to her website to read the interview.

New Rihanna Video

New video for Hate That I Love You. Pretty but it's a shame the song is so boring. She should have released Breaking Dishes!

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's Official! Kylie X Dropping Nov 26th

After months of everyone calling the new Kylie album X it seems the name has stuck! Kylie will releasing the brand new album on November the 26th after 2 Hearts on November the 12th. We finally have a tracklist, great to see In My Arms and Sensitized made the cut! Full details on Kylie's website. Meanwhile a few tracks that haven't made the album have leaked. Keep an eye out for Spell of Desire, In the Mood For Love and the awesome I'm Ready.

Here's the tracklist:

2 Hearts
Like A Drug
In My Arms
Heart Beat
RockThe One
No More Rain
All I See

Erasure Featuring Cyndi Lauper

Erasure's new EP Storm Chaser hits shops in the UK today, and they have have just put Early Bird featuring Cyndi Lauper up on their myspace page. This is the original version of the song, not the mix that appeared on Cyndi's recent True Colours album. We love it - have a listen here. The digital version of the album has two bonus tracks, Sucker For Love (Edit) and When A Lover Leaves You (GRN Remix).

Here is the tracklist for the album:

Storm In A Teacup (Single Version)
Sucker For Love (Extended Mix)
Golden Heart (GRNs 'Golden Glow' Radio Edit)
Early Bird featuring Cyndi Lauper
Storm In A Teacup (Koishi & Hush Club Mix)
Sucker For Love (DJ Manolo Remix)
Storm In A Teacup (Extended Mix)
When A Lover Leaves You (Oscar Salguero Remix)
Glass Angel (The Equalateral Mix)

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

ANOTHER New Dannii Minogue Album!?!

It's not only Warners that are trying to cash in on Dannii's X Factor popularity, news has just surfaced that AATW are also planning to release a new digital album called Club Disco! It will consist of the new tracks form The Hits and Beyond album, the B sides and five unreleased tracks from the era. And Dannii's webmaster has hinted that a Roger Sanchez track will be included!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Two More Roisin Track Previews

Roisin Murphy has put two more previews up on her myspace page, You Know Me Better and Cry Baby. All we have to say is bring on the album. It's released on October 15th. Listen here.

Another Darren Hayes Video!

Darren Hayes has released another video form his new album, this one for the gorgeous Words. Once again this was created by his husband Richard Cullen. Hopefully this means they are still planning a DVD release with most of the tracks, when Me, Myself and (I) comes out we will already have five videos from This Delicate Thing We've Made!

Monday, September 17, 2007

Jamelia's Superstar Hits Tracklist

It's a bit lacklustre isn't it? Has she even had 11 hits? It's out in the UK next week, you can order it here.


1. Superstar
2. Thank You
3. See It In A Boy's Eyes
4. Stop
5. Money
6. Beware Of The Dog
7. DJ
8. Something About You
9. Call Me
10. Bout
11. No More

Meanwhile congratulations to Natalie Imbruglia who's single collection came in at # 5 in the UK this week! It's out here on Saturday.

Kylie's Lose Control iPod Commercial

This is fan made but amazing. Not sure if Lose Control will make the new album yet but we hope it does!

Sunday, September 16, 2007

New Sugababes Album Cover

Tori Amos Taxi Ride Live

Tori Amos pulled out Taxi Ride on Sunrise last week. She also performed Roosterspur Bridge and chatted about the latest album American Doll Posse.

Jessica Mauboy Joins The Divas

Paulini has revealed that last years Idol runner up Jessica Mauboy has joined the Young Divas and that they have almost completed their second album. She says that they had a few girls to choose from but they they thought that Jessica would bring something different to the Divas. Not sure what happened to Emily's sister Lavina, she was apparently a very hot contender. Of the new album Paulini says "It'll be a covers album. It's happy, party, disco style for all the girls out there." She also revealed she is working on her third solo album for release next year. Poor Ricky-Lee should have just said that she was taking a break to release her second album seeing as it has sunk like a stone despite hit single Can't Touch It.

Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Amazing Dannii Minogue DVD! has revealed the tracklisting for the forth coming Dannii Minogue DVD The Complete Collection, and it's pretty amazing stuff! Who would have thought we would ever see the Rescue Me video get a release? And we thought she was trying to distance herself from 'Lesbo Dannii' but we are even getting the gorgeous Everlasting Night! Another treat will be the performance of Kids with Kylie from Kylie's Showgirl Homecoming Tour (pictured). It contains two documentaries, one on the making of Neon Nights and another that followed Dannii around for the last two years. It's a good time to be a Dannii fan! Click here to pre-order.

Here is the tracklist:

1. Love and Kisses
2. Success
3. Jump to the Beat
4. Baby Love
5. I Don't Wanna Take this Pain
6. Show You the Way to Go
7. Love's on EveryCorner
8. This is It
9. This is the Way
10. Get Into You
11. All I Wanna Do
12. Everything I Wanted
13. Disremembrance
14. Coconut
15. Everlasting Night
16. Who Do You Love Now?
17. Put the Needle in It
18. I Begin to Wonder
19. Don't Wanna Lose this Feeling
20. You Won't Forget About Me
21. Perfection
22. So Under Pressure
23. I Can't Sleep at Night

* Bonus Videos: I Begin to Spin, Don't Wanna Lose this Groove, Rescue Me, He's the Greatest Dancer (BBC Children in Need), Kids - performance with Kylie in Melbourne, He's the Greatest Love - as Esmeralda in West End production ofNotre Dame* Plus two short documentaries - one on the making of Neon Nights and another following Dannii over the last 2 years

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Meanwhile Here Is The Kylie 2008 Calendar Cover

Official Kylie Minogue Press Release


Kylie releases her brand new single 2 Hearts on Parlophone on November 12th, preceded by the digital release on November 5th. The single is the first taster from her new album, which will be released later in November. Further details of the album will follow. 2 Hearts was written and produced by London based electro 4 piece Kish Mauve. Writing of the song, The Sun's Victoria Newton recently said: "It is a surefire No. 1, a classic Kylie song you won't stop humming. Expect her to hit No. 1 in both charts when the single and album are released in November."

Why they are quoting the hideous Victoria Newton in a press release is beyond us. Can't wait to hear the track though.

Charlotte Martin Constant Craving Clip

News just in that Charlotte Martin's new album Reproductions will only be available to buy at her upcoming tour - Boo! It better turn up in her website shop or on Amazon or there will be trouble. Meanwhile she has put a two minute clip of her version of K D Lang's Constant Craving up on her myspace page and it sounds fantastic. Listen here.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Roisin Murphy's Let Me Know Video

Roisin is fast becoming one of our favourite Disko Dollies.

Franz Ferdinand Hearts Girls Aloud

FRANZ Ferdinand's Alex Kapranos has spoken about working with Girls Aloud on the track Sound And Vision for the Radio 1 40th anniversary album. He says they were recording the song and Girls Aloud were in the studio next door working on their new album, so we went over and asked them "to do the famous 'doo doo doo doo doo doo' backing vocals". He says the band are fans of Brian Higgins of Xenomania, "We've been interested in Brian for years. His production of Girls Aloud's Wake Me Up first caught my attention. I remember thinking 'What the hell is that? It's amazing'. There was something about their sound which was immediate but dangerous - rare in a girl group. It was really edgy.

Meanwhile Girls Aloud's new single Sexy! No, No, No has reached # 5 on the UK charts this week giving them their 16th consecutive top 10 song. Amazing!

Sunday, September 9, 2007

The Reviews Are In - Brit Sucked

So Britney's huge comeback performance at the MTV VMA's was a shocking mess. We at Disko Dollies were hoping she was going to give us a killer performance that would shut everyone up but unfortunately we got the opposite. Words like "unprepared" and "forgotten how to lip sync" are being thrown around. Is this the final nail in the coffin for her career?

Sugababes About You Now Video

First Look at Me, Myself and (I)

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

What's Britney Sippin' on?

Another week, another Britney leak. This one features AC rapping about "K'Fed watching the kids" and is called What You Sippin' On. It sounds a lot like Janet circa 1994 which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Her sound certainly is a lot more mature this time around, looks like Britney might have another hit album on her hands? We all wrote her off too early!

LeAnne Isn't a Disko Dolly

LeAnne Rimes has decided that she isn't a disko dolly after all. She is in fact still a country dolly. Despite this we quite like her new effort Nothin' Better To Do and there are bound to be literally hundreds of disko mixes showing up all over the place in no time at all. Watch the amazing video, who doesn't love a dance routine in a prison?

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

More Dannii $ucce$$ On iTunes

"Can you handle bright lights
Parties every Friday night
Limousines club scenes money that keeps rollin’ in
Cameras at every block
Gossip that will never stop
That’s the lifestyle of success"

Jennifer Lopez Album Cover and Tracklist

Apparently this is the cover for the new Jennifer Lopez album Brave. It looks a little cheap and like some fan made it but never mind, if the first two songs we have heard are anything to go by it's going to be a huge return to form for Jennifer who hasn't really had a good album since J'lo (although she has had a few killer tracks).

Here is the track list for the album:

01. Stay Together
02. Hold It, Don’t Drop It
03. Do It Well
04. Gotta Be There
05. Never Gonna Give Up
06. Mile In These Shoes
07. The Way It Is
08. Be Mine
09. I Need Love
10. Wrong When You’re Gone
11. Brave

Monday, September 3, 2007

No New Madonna Album This Year

It seems talk of Madonna's new album being out before Christmas was just wishful thinking, with news that the album wont be out until 2008. Maybe the poor reception to The Beat Goes On has something do with it (or the fact that train wreck Britney has come up with a better song?). Also plans for a Remix album have once again been put on hold (Boo!) and there will be no box set for the 25th anniversary of Madonna's career.

The Veronicas Are Back

The Veronicas are back with first single Hook Me Up from their forth coming second album. The girls have gone for more of an electro feel rather than their signature rocky sound, and it's paid off. It sounds like something Holly Valance would be doing now (if she had a recording contract that is).

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Silverchair's New Video

Silverchair are releasing the ace If You Keep Losing Sleep as third single from Young Modern. They sure are going in a different direction but we like it. The video is a big camp number!