Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Don't panic panic, don't act too manic manic

Thankfully the next Groove Armada single will be Out Of Control (Song For Mutya), and that Mutya won't be releasing under her own name (even though it's on her new album), thereby saving her solo career from an early oblivion by tagging behind the credded-up geniuses who are Groove Armada. Yay!! Londoners, head to Finsbury Park in North London on May 15 to be in the video (refreshments provided!) All info on Mutya's website.

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Happy Singleton said...

Or you can always catch Mutya drinking beer at the Westbourne-W2 (her local) on a Sunday arvo . I've had the pleasure of seeing her hammered and stumble home with a pint still in hand.