Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Disko Dollies is Going on Vacation!

Well the team at Disko Dollies is heading overseas for a few weeks, so there wont be much happening around here. Feel free to come and browse and watch all the hot videos while we are away. We will be coming back with a fresh new look (a logo is being designed by a top graphic artist as we speak!). If you have any feedback or comments about the site (what you want to see more of etc) please leave them on this post. A big thanks to all the readers who have been coming back regularly.

See you all in three weeks!

Disko Dollies Team

Spice Release

So the Spice Girls are having a big press conference on Thursday in London to announce their plans (that everyone already knows about - see Spice post below). Meanwhile they have already shown up on the release schedules, Spice Girls - W.O.M.A.N 29th October 2007 and Spice Girls - Greatest 5th November 2007. Word on the street is that Simon Fuller is trying to secure a six month stint in Vegas after the UK shows, although this seems very unlikely.

Lets watch the best Spice video in anticipation.

Monday, June 25, 2007

November is All About Kylie

HMV UK has Kylie Minogue's new album listed for release on the 11th of November here. Also expected to be released that month is the White Diamond doco and the Showgirl Homecoming DVD. Looks like it's going to be a very Kylie Christmas! With all the great producers and writers wanting to work with Kylie on her "comeback" album it could turn out to be her best one yet. Here's hoping for more killer and less filler from our girl this time around.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

We Miss Rachel

If only everyone who downloaded Rachel Steven's pop gem Come and Get It bought it instead, she might still have a record deal. It really was the pop album of last year. Anyway, we thought we would mention it for the Aussie's that may have missed it, do your self a favour and import it. If you are lucky you might be able to get your hands on the limited edition that included a DVD with all her videos, it's currently going for top dollar on ebay.

Here's a taste of its brilliance.

Ricki-Lee Leaves the Divas

After months of speculation Ricki-Lee has announced that she has left the Young Divas. "I just couldn't do it all - I really had to get back to doing what I love doing, and that's my solo career." she said. She expects her second album Brand New Day to hit shops on August 11, and is getting married in September. No word yet on if the Divas will replace Ricki-Lee although Emily's sister Lavina filled in for live shows while Ricki-Lee was in America recording. She said the split was amicable, "The girl's have been great, they understand completely. They know where I'm coming from".

Thursday, June 21, 2007

JT Talks Madonna

Justin Timberlake has once again spoken of his work with Madonna, this time to Entertainment Weekly. He told them "The records that we've done so far are really exciting. There are some dance records, there are some mid-tempo ballads, there's all types of different stuff. But I don't want to gas it too much. People might like it or people might not. I don't want to say, like, ''It's going to change the world!'' You know what I mean? But we like it." Sounds good to us, bring it on!

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

New Rihanna Video!

Rihanna has just released her hot new video for Shut Up and Drive. Now she can get on with ensuring that Don't Stop the Music is the next single (we hear on the grapevine that a video has already been shot - hooray!)

Here it is

Monday, June 18, 2007

Spice Woman

The rumours could finally be true - it looks like the Spice Girls are getting back together for a new single and tour. Apparently the girls have got together to update and record a track they wrote in 1999 called Woman, it's about how they have all grown up etc. The plan is to release the single later in the year followed by a Greatest Hits album on November 5th, just in time Christmas. They are looking at a 6 date tour of the UK including Wembley.

Mel C recently said that although she is reluctant she will do this to put the Spice Girls to rest so everyone can move on.

Natalie Imbruglia Glorious 97-07

It seems Natalie Imbruglia will again be making us wait three years between new albums with news just surfaced that she will release a Greatest Hits album in September instead of the promised new album. It will contain all the singles since Torn and will include new track Glorious. We don't understand why artists continue to release GH's after only three albums. A demo version of Glorious leaked a couple of months ago, it's quite good, sounds a bit like Kelly Clarkson.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Beyonce/Rihanna duet gets the green light?

Just when you thought the world couldn't cram yet another Rihanna single into the top 40, now Beyonce is hotly rumoured to have signed up for a duet with the ubiquitous young starlet. Jay-Z has supposedly convinced the two to join forces for what will either be a brand new track or a re-recorded version of a song from Rihanna's latest album. In the meantime listen out for the Freemasons mix of Beyonce's Green Light, at one stage earmarked as UK single #4 off B-Day.

Friday, June 15, 2007

Kelly Already Working on Next Project? WTF?

Poor Kelly Clarkson has had to cancel her US tour this summer due to poor sales, just days after she sacked her manager. Michael Rapino, CEO of tour promoter Live Nation, said in a statement "Ticket sales have not been what we anticipated and we came to the realization that we had bit off more than we could chew. In the end, we are in the Kelly Clarkson business and for that reason we believe that this decision will only benefit her and her fans in the long run."

Meanwhile on an AOL Live Chat Kelly revealed she is already working on her next project, before My December has even hit the shops!? During the chat she said "I'm actually already working on my next project right now, and it's kind of country meets blues meets rock. It's awesome, I'm having a lot of fun on it, I love country music." Very strange. Maybe you should concentrate on this album first Kelly...

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Pre-order Something Wonderful!

You can now pre-order Darren Hayes forthcoming single On the Verge Of Something Wonderful from townsend records for it's August the 6th release. We are being VERY spoilt with two CD singles and a DVD single!

Track listings:
1. On The Verge Of Something Wonderful
2. Fallen Angel

1. On The Verge Of Something Wonderful
2. Step Into The Light (Hook N Sling Mix)
3. Step Into The Light (Shave & Sugar Club Mix)
4. I Just Want You To Love Me (Live From The Sydney Opera House)

DVD Single
1. On The Verge Of Something Wonderful (Video)
2. I Just Want You To Love Me (Live From The Sydney Opera House) (Video)

Order here.

Watch Sophie's Push It Video

The video for Sophie Monk's bra song Push It has shown up on the Pleasure State website. Unfortunately we liked the idea of this more than the finished product, but check it out for yourselves here.

Monday, June 11, 2007

Kelly's Still Sober

Kelly Clarkson has just put the ace Sober up on her myspace. Apparently it's going to be single number 2 after the also ace Never Again. We can't wait for My December to drop on the 25th of this month.

Pre-order it now, the first 50,000 to be sold in Australia will come with a unique code that provides access to an exclusive website, and a chance to meet Kelly on her Australian tour later this year.

Full Tori Tour Dates

Melbourne Mon Sep 10
Sydney Fri Sep 14
Newcastle Tue Sep 18
Adelaide Thu Sep 20
Brisbane Sat Sep 22
Perth Thu Sep 27

Prefered Seating have a pre-sale for A Reserved on NOW!

Meanwhile AOL Live Sessions is featuring Tori at the moment and has performances of 5 songs (including the must-be-a-single-immediately Bouncing Off Clouds) and behind the scenes footage.

New Roisin Video!

Amazing! Overpowered hits stores July 2nd in the UK.

Thursday, June 7, 2007

Charlotte posts a myspace exclusive

Hot off the news that Charlotte Martin will be appearing on the new Ben Lee album Ripe, Charlotte has put brand new song Step Back up on her myspace page. Be sure to check out the amazing Stomata while you're there.

Queen of Pop on TWO Vanity Fair covers

The July issue of US Vanity Fair is the Africa edition, and Madonna features on not one, but two covers. She is joined by Brad Pitt and Oprah among others, with twenty different covers in total. Edited by Bono, the issue includes articles written by journalists such William Langewiesche, Christopher Hitchens, Sebastian Junger and others that focus on the many problems and some of the more promising solutions facing Africa today. The issues are limited so get in fast.

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

More new music from Dazza

The biggest pop tease in the southern hemisphere has posted a clip of forthcoming single On The Verge of Something Wonderful on his Myspace, along with another new clip for Me Myself and I. Imagine a cross between Prince, JT and Jamiroquai (except imagine it sounding really good). Have a listen here.


Tori is Coming!

Tori Amos has announced that she is coming to Australia in September! She will play at Melbourne's Hamer Hall on the 10th, tickets on sale June 18 from Ticketmaster. Other cities to be announced. Hooray!
Buy her new return-to-form album American Doll Posse now.

Monday, June 4, 2007

Rihanna taking over the world!

So Rihanna's awesome Umbrella is currently sitting at # 1 in the UK, US and Australia. What an awesome feat! Her album Good Girl Gone Bad came out in the UK this week and is released here on Saturday. The good news is we are getting the Deluxe edition here, and we get bonus track Cry. You can order it here. Be on the lookout for other bonus track Haunted which made it onto the Japanese edition. Yesterday Rihanna and Jay-Z performed the song at the 2007 MTV Awards - HOT!

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sophie's Pushing It

Sophie Monk has recorded a cover of Salt-N-Pepa's classic Push It, and made an 80s-inspired video for it as part of her role as the body behind underwear label Pleasure. The song was produced by her fiancé Benji Madden of Good Charlotte and will be played in Myer stores across Australia to promote the push-up bra. Sounds interesting!

Dannii Gets a Spanish Release

Dannii sure is overworked at the moment! Not only is she gearing up for her stint as a judge on UK popular tv series X Factor, she is also releasing He's The Greatest Dancer in Spain. It has a slightly different cover to the Australian version and 5 mixes.

1. LMC Radio Edit
2. LMC Extended Mix
3. Shapeshifters Remix
4. Chris Lake Remix
5. Sebastian Leger Electro Vocal Remix

Diehard collectors can order it here.

Here is an awesome performance of Dannii singing the track at last years Children in Need event.

Margaret's Robot Remix

Our favourite Norwegian Dolly Margaret Berger has an exclusive myspace only remix of her ace new single Robot up on her page. The mix was done by Sweden's Le Sport. Listen here!

Warner dumps Paris

"We are not expecting any Paris Hilton material in the foreseeable future." Poor Paris. First being ripped apart from her trusty cellphone for the duration of her jail sentence, and now this! Hate her or loathe her, Paris leaves behind a legacy of flukishly hot mixes. What a bitch that she managed to pull off between hair appointments what Hilary Duff is still trying to achieve. DD picks 5 of the best as we take a moment to reflect on the brilliance that, um, surrounded Paris Hilton, the ultimate 5-minute Disko Dolly.

1. Turn You On (Claude Le Gache Mixshow)
2. Nothing In This World (Dave Aude Mixshow)
[samples The Cure I swear it!]
3. Turn It Up (Peter Does Paris Mix)
4. Stars Are Blind (Tracey Does Paris Mixshow)
5. Screwed (Alex G Remix)