Friday, January 2, 2009

Paula Does Kylie

Paula Abdul gave Kylie Spinning Around and now it looks like it's Kylie's turn to return the favour!  Paula's next single is a cover of Kylie's track Boombox which was recorded for X but not used.  Kylie did perform the track on her X2008 tour and fans were hoping for a release of some sort but it looks like the track is now a Paula song.  Paula will be premiering the song on her new show Paula Abdul's Rah Cheerleeding Bowl which is starting in the US this week.  You can listen to a sneak peak on her website here

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Anonymous said...

i have heard both versions and i prefer paulas, hers is realy pleasing to my ear!. kylies version is sooo bad. i love her and all, but seriously. it is Very annoying