Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Cyndi Remix Album

Next month Cyndi Lauper will release a remix album Floor Remixes. The first single Girls Just Wanna Set Your Heart Free is a mash up and you can view the brand new video here.


1. Girls Just Want To Have Fun / Set Your Heart
2. Into The Nightlife (Freedombunch Remix)
3. Same Ol' Story (Pink Noise Remix)
4. Time After Time (Freedombunch Remix)
5. Set Your Heart (Freedombunch Remix)
6. High & Mighty (Tom Novy Remix)
7. Into The Nightlife (Johnny Pinkfinger vs Mihell Mix )
8. Same Ol' Story (Extended Remix)
9. Girls Just Wanna Set Your Heart
10. True Colors (Ukawanimation! Ocarina Mega-Mix)

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