Sunday, October 5, 2008

PSB and Girls Aloud

It’s like we have died and gone to pop heaven! It has been revealed that Girls Aloud have collaborated with the Pet Shop Boys on the track The Loving Kind for their new album Out Of Control. Neil describes the song as “beautiful but still dancey” and says it is being considered as a future single. This news doesn’t come as a huge surprise as the boys are working with Xenomania on their album and Neil is always going on about how brilliant Biology is. Meanwhile the tracklist for Out Of Control has been revealed:

1. "The Promise"
2. "The Loving Kind"
3. "Rolling Back the Rivers"
4. "Love is the Key"
5. "Turn 2 Stone"
6. "Untouchable"
7. "Fix Me Up"
8. "Love is Pain"
9. "Miss You Bow Wow"
10. "Revolution in the Head"
11. "Live in the Country"
12. "We Wanna Party"

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