Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Lindsay drops her spirit stick

Add Lindsay Lohan to the list of albums set to drop in the leadup to silly season. In her own words, Spirit In The Dark, her 3rd album, is Kylie meets Rihanna – which at first sounds exciting till you remember how Kylie sounded when she tried to do Rihanna on the last album.. Every man and his Maltese puppy got roped into the production of this one, including Timbaland, Bloodshy/Avant and Sam Sparro?! Potential brother-in-law Mark Ronson politely declined as he prefers to work with real musicians and singers (you know, like Robbie Williams). Current release date is November 4 in the US with single Playground (featuring Pharrell) on radio October 25 and US iTunes October 28.

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Aaron said...

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Is this all official - I hope it is! - I can't find the cover or a mention of the date anywhere!