Saturday, May 8, 2010

More Than A Fu Rihanna Mixes

Rihanna is set to drop a new remix album showcasing the work of Brooklyn 'serial fixer' Chew Fu. Rated R: Remixed will feature 10 songs from the original album put through the Chew Fu funk-house spin cycle and will be out May 25. Two new videos will follow in the coming months for Rockstar 101 and Te Amo. Tracklisting below.

On the topic of remix albums, Mariah's project with Jump Smokers (the club edition of the shelved Angels Advocate double CD), is now rumoured to be out June 29. Jump Smokers hinted for weeks on their Facebook page the project would soon see the light of day despite the official change of plan.

1. Mad House (Chew Fu Straight Jacket Fix)
2. Russian Roulette (Chew Fu Black Russian Fix)
3. Rockstar 101 (Chew Fu Teacher’s Pet Fix) (feat Slash)
4. Wait Your Turn (Chew Fu Can’t Wait No More Fix)
5. Photographs (Chew Fu 35mm Fix) (feat
6. Rude Boy (Chew Fu Bumbaclot Fix)
7. Hard (Chew Fu Granite Fix) (feat Jeezy)
8. G4L (Chew Fu Guns in the Air Fix)
9. Fire Bomb (Chew Fu Molotov Fix)
10. Stupid in Love (Chew Fu Small Room Fix)

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