Wednesday, January 13, 2010

It's Pandemonium!

Pet Shop Boys have announced that the Pandemonium live DVD/CD will be released next month. The show was recorded in London at the O2 Arena, the tracklist has not been announced yet but the setlist for the show was as follows:

1. “Heart”
2. “Did You See Me Coming?”
3. “Can You Forgive Her?”/”Pandemonium”
4. “Love Etc.”
5. “Building A Wall”
6. “Go West”
7. “Two Divided By Zero”
8. “Why Don’t We Live Together?”
9. “New York City Boy”
10. “Always On My Mind”
11. “Closer to Heaven”/”Left to My Own Devices”
12. “Do I Have To?”
13. “Kings Cross”
14. “The Way It Used To Be”
15. “Jealousy”16. “Suburbia”
17. “What Have I Done To Deserve This?”
18. “All Over The World”
19. “Se A Vida É Play ”
20. “Viva La Vida”/”Domino Dancing”
21. “It’s A Sin”

22. “Being Boring”
23. “My Girl”
24. “West End Girls”

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